2012-06-11 Pavel Šimerdaexperimental: ip6: remove useless ipv6 info polls ipv6bad
2012-06-11 Pavel Šimerdarename defgw to gateway
2012-06-11 Pavel Šimerdaexperimental: ip6: remove dhcp_opts from CallbackInfo
2012-06-11 Pavel Šimerdaexperimental: ip6: remove useless gateway copy
2012-06-11 Pavel Šimerdaip6: pad RDNSS and DNSSL lifetimes to a minimum lifetim...
2012-06-11 Jiří Klimešcore: don't default to IPv6 temp addr while completing... master
2012-06-08 Jiří Klimešcli: add DRIVER-VERSION and FIRMWARE-VERSION fields...
2012-06-08 Jiří Klimešlibnm-glib: add 'driver-version' and 'firmware-version...
2012-06-08 Jiří Klimešcore: add driver-version, firmware-version properties...
2012-06-07 Dan Williamstrivial: simplify AP mode setting function
2012-06-07 Dan Williamswifi: use supplicant's last_scan time for on-demand...
2012-06-07 Dan Williamswifi: kill usage of deprecated GTimeVal
2012-06-07 Gary Ching... wifi: add on-demand WiFi scan support
2012-06-07 Jiří Klimešcli: free strings when printing adsl setting
2012-06-07 Jiří Klimešcli: add NM_DEVICE_STATE_REASON_BR2684_FAILED reason...
2012-06-07 Jiří Klimešlibnm-util: fix return values in g_return_val_if_fail()
2012-06-06 Dan Williamsdispatcher: normalize return codes
2012-06-06 Dan Williamsmodem: ensure radio disable cleans up during activation too
2012-06-06 Dan Williamscore: use correct device state for supplicant link...
2012-06-06 Dan Williamscore: use nm_device_get_connection() in a few more...
2012-06-03 Dan Williamstests: fix libnm-util testcase on 32-bit platforms
2012-06-04 Dan Williamsbluetooth: ensure the device is deactivated if the...
2012-06-04 Dan Williamsmodem: don't warn if disconnect fails when the modem...
2012-06-04 Jiří Klimešcli: use "--" instead of "no set" for NULL strings
2012-06-01 Dan Williamscore: re-implement device disconnect using generic...
2012-06-01 Dan Williamscore: add generic device authorization request signal
2012-06-01 Alberto Ruizintrospection: removes redudant package names from...
2012-05-31 Tore Andersondhcp: use /128 as prefix length for IPv6 IA_NA assignme...
2012-05-31 Pavel Šimerdaip6: don't 'assume' IPv6 connections (bgo #676740)
2012-05-31 Pavel Šimerdaip6: add default gateway to NMIP6Config (bgo #676317)
2012-05-31 Pavel Šimerdaip6: add default gateway debugging
2012-05-31 Dan Winshipvpn-manager: handle empty IPv4/IPv6 config
2012-05-30 Dan Winshipvpn: support IPv6 over VPNs
2012-05-30 Dan Winshiplibnm-glib: fix indentation in nm-vpn-plugin.[ch]
2012-05-30 Dan Winshipvpn: allow connecting to an IPv6-based VPN endpoint
2012-05-30 Dan Winshipcore: tweak nm_system_add_ip4_vpn_gateway_route() a bit
2012-05-29 Jiří Klimešman: update nmcli man page
2012-05-24 Jiří Klimešip6: fix crash in nl_addr2str in libnl1
2012-05-23 Dan Williamsdhcp: don't leak dhclient config file contents when...
2012-05-23 Pavel Šimerdaip6: fix address cache and route cache synchronization
2012-05-23 Pavel Šimerdaip6: improved logging of address and route changes
2012-05-23 Pavel Šimerdaip6: log ip configuration state changes
2012-05-23 Pavel Šimerdaip6: split nm_ip6_device_sync_from_netlink
2012-05-23 Pavel Šimerdaip6: removed process_prefix() and config_changed variable
2012-05-23 Jiří Klimešcli: list 'autoconnect' property in 'nmcli dev list'
2012-05-23 Jiří Klimešcore: initialize 'autoconnect' member variable in nm_de...
2012-05-23 Jiří Klimešdbus: remove 'max_replies_per_connection' limit from...
2012-05-22 Jiří Klimešlibnm-glib: add 'autoconnect' property for devices
2012-05-22 Jiří Klimešcore: authenticate Set() D-Bus call for NMDevice "Autoc...
2012-05-22 Jiří Klimešcore: add "Autoconnect" property to NMDevice
2012-05-22 Jiří Klimešcli: fill active connections' data even if we can't...
2012-05-21 Jiří Klimešcore: unblock signals for child processes we spawn...
2012-05-18 Dan Williamsrelease: update NEWS with ADSL support
2012-05-18 Dan Williamstodo: remove ADSL item
2012-05-18 Dan Williamscore: clarify device routing priority
2012-05-18 Dan Williamsadsl: talk ADSL ioctls directly and kill usage of br2684ctl
2012-05-18 Dan Williamsadsl: fix up for IP config flow changes
2012-05-18 Dan Williamsadsl: cleanups and some rearranging
2012-05-18 Pantelis Koukousoulasadsl: initial PPPoE support for ADSL devices
2012-05-18 Pantelis Koukousoulasadsl: add libnm-glib and nmcli code
2012-05-18 Pantelis Koukousoulasadsl: carrier handling and PPPoA support
2012-05-18 Pantelis Koukousoulasadsl: settings and initial "scaffolding"
2012-05-18 Christian Kirbachpo: updated German translation (bgo #676229)
2012-05-18 Jiří Klimešifnet: handle 'biosdevname' interface names better...
2012-05-17 Dan Williamsbluetooth: move device logic to bluez manager
2012-05-17 Dan Williamscore: fix ifindex value checks
2012-05-17 Dan Williamscore: move connection provider interface to src/
2012-05-17 Dan WinshipUse GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED to work around GValueArra...
2012-05-16 Dan Williamscore: don't print carrier messages if device is unmanaged
2012-05-16 Thomas Bechtoldconfigure: fix libsoup check
2012-05-16 Daniel Drakeolpc-mesh: force use of WEXT
2012-05-16 Dan Williamsdhcp: allow some same-state transitions (rh #801744)
2012-05-16 Dan WilliamsRevert "dhcp: allow some same-state transitions (rh...
2012-05-16 Dan Williamsdhcp: allow some same-state transitions (rh #810744)
2012-05-15 Dan Winshipcore: silently ignore duplicates in NMIP[46]Config
2012-05-15 Dan Williamskeyfile: be more helpful about the property that's...
2012-05-14 Dan Williamssettings: fix example plugin LDFLAGS
2012-05-14 Dan Williamsdbus: fix Modem interface permissions
2012-05-14 Dan Williamssettings: add nm_connection_provider_get_connections...
2012-05-11 Dan Williamssupplicant: handle interface state 'disabled'
2012-05-11 Andika Triwidadapo: updated Indonesian translation (bgo #675738)
2012-05-11 Piotr Drągpo: updated Polish translation (bgo #675834)
2012-05-10 Jiří Klimešbackends: fix nscd condrestart for systemd installation...
2012-05-09 Jiří Klimešcli: fix 'nm -nocheck con up'
2012-05-09 Jiří Klimešcli: show progress in --pretty mode for 'nmcli con up'
2012-05-09 Jiří Klimešcli: show progress in --pretty mode for 'nmcli dev...
2012-05-07 Dan Williamsexamples: add an example system settings plugin
2012-05-04 Dan Williamswifi: attempt to use same kernel API wpa_supplicant...
2012-05-04 Dan Williamswifi: work around some scan failures at startup
2012-05-04 Dan Williamswifi: don't report supplicant interface is READY until...
2012-05-02 Dan Williamswifi: probe-scan for hidden SSIDs
2012-05-02 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add 'hidden' property to the wireless setting
2012-05-02 Dan Williamscore: pass connection provider to devices
2012-05-02 Dan Williamscore: add connection provider interface
2012-05-02 Dan Williamswifi: cache number of available scan SSIDs
2012-05-01 Dan Williamsrelease: update NEWS
2012-04-30 Dan Williamstrivial: fix distcheck in libnm-glib
2012-04-30 Jiří Klimešman: document 'nmcli nm wimax' in nmcli's man page
2012-04-30 Jiří Klimešcli: add a command for listing permissions - nmcli...
2012-04-30 Jiří Klimešman: make nmcli man page more readable