2010-01-15 Dan Williamsipv6: push router advertisement flags to listeners
2010-01-14 Dan Williamsdhcp: add initial DHCPv6 support (managed mode only)
2010-01-14 Dan Williamsdhcp: dhclient leasefile and pidfile fixes for IPv6
2010-01-14 Dan Williamsdhcp: add the NMDHCP6Config object
2010-01-14 Dan Williamscore: rename some DHCPv4 specific variables
2010-01-14 Dan Williamscore: simplify DHCP setup and cleanup
2010-01-14 Dan Williamsdhcp: fix dhcp 4/6 mixup
2010-01-14 Dan Williamsdhcp: add DHCPv6 functionality
2010-01-13 Dan Williamsdhcp: actually use runtime-selected DHCP client
2010-01-13 Dan Williamsdhcp: allow runtime DHCP client selection via config...
2010-01-13 Dan Williamsdhcp: convert dhcp backends to classes
2010-01-09 Dan Williamsdhcp6: genericize DHCP client tracking
2010-01-08 Dan Williamsdhcp6: add dhclient ipv6 states
2010-01-08 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add IPv6 method 'dhcp'
2010-01-08 Dan Williamstest: enable IPv6 setting defaults test
2010-01-06 Jirka Klimesifcfg-rh: add IPv6 addressing and routes support (rh...
2010-01-06 Jirka Klimeslibnm-util: add IPv6 comparison functions
2010-01-04 Dan Williamsrelease: bump version to 0.7.998 (rc2)
2010-01-03 Luca Ferrettipo: update italian translation (bgo #595673)
2010-01-01 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: add missing testcase
2009-12-30 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: ensure keys/route files are monitored for...
2009-12-29 Tambet Ingocore: Fix another crash
2009-12-29 Dan Williamsarch: remove hal dependency from initscript (bgo #605530)
2009-12-28 Dan Williamscore: fix crash after wake due to 8f4d4c0463d6f101b852a...
2009-12-25 Dan Williamscore: fix reading WWAN state from state file
2009-12-25 Dan Williamscore: fix error when parsing state file for WirelessEna...
2009-12-24 Dan Williamsdispatcher: fix (harmless) memory leak (bgo #585714)
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: remove another unused variable
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: remove unused variables
2009-12-23 Dan Williamssupplicant: remove unused variables
2009-12-23 Dan Williamscore: fix possible erroneous warning on auto-ip events
2009-12-23 Dan Williamswifi: remove useless assignment
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsethernet: remove unused variable
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsdhcp: clarify ignored variable name
2009-12-23 Dan Williamslibnm-util: fix potential crash when encrypting fails
2009-12-23 Dan Williamslibnm-util: remove unused variable
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: ensure deactivation on disable only happens...
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: fix activation after 1379af271138202d406de585cbd...
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: ensure device is deactivated if the modem is...
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: enable modem before connecting if required
2009-12-23 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: add WWAN enable/disable support
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmanager: add WWAN enable/disable support
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: proxy the ModemManager Enabled property
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmanager: generalize rfkill operations
2009-12-23 Dan Williamscore: add statefile support for WWAN devices
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsudev: add support for other types of rfkill switches
2009-12-23 Dan Williamscore: generalize interface for enabling/disabling devices
2009-12-23 Dan Williamsmodem: fix enable/disable/disconnect flow
2009-12-22 Tambet Ingosystem-settings: Fix using hostname from DHCP
2009-12-21 Tambet Ingoifcfg-suse: Clean up, upstream the patch which has...
2009-12-16 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: handle unquoted passphrases better
2009-12-09 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: fix distcheck and tests after 9e93924cca6c9f5...
2009-12-09 Dan Williamslibnm-util: client certificate should not be required...
2009-12-07 Dan Williamsrelease: bump version to 0.7.997
2009-12-07 Jirka Klimesifcfg-rh: add routes file support (rh #507307)
2009-12-07 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: warn when device will be managed due to missi...
2009-12-04 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: treat MODE=Auto as infrastructure mode
2009-12-03 Dan Williamscore: use GChecksum (bgo #502494)
2009-12-01 Dan Williamsbuild: bump glib requirement to 2.18 to reflect reality
2009-11-30 Dan Williamsredhat: remove haldaemon dependency from initscript...
2009-11-29 Michael Bieblbuild: fix distcheck
2009-11-24 Dan Williamscore: silence flush_routes() and flush_addresses()...
2009-11-24 Dan Williamswifi: poll rfkill status for ipw2x00 devices
2009-11-23 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: trivial documentation fixes
2009-11-23 Dan Williamsppp: increase PPPoE pppd timeout to 30 seconds
2009-11-21 Dan Williamswifi: don't allow scan requests when associating
2009-11-20 Dan Williamswifi: ensure wifi devices are enabled on wakeup if...
2009-11-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: handle PEM files without an ending newline...
2009-11-17 Dan Williamssystem-settings: cache secrets to protect against nm_co...
2009-11-17 Dan Williamssystem-settings: generalize nm_sysconfig_connection_upd...
2009-11-16 Dan Williamssystem-settings: add helper for updating plugin connections
2009-11-16 Dan Williamsdoc: document NMSettingIP6Config
2009-11-16 Dan Williamsdoc: use consistent wording in the IP4Config documentation
2009-11-16 Dan Williamsdoc: document the IP4Config setting
2009-11-16 Dan Williamsdoc: fix up 802.1x setting documentation
2009-11-16 Frederik Himpedhcp: use correct leasefile location on Mandriva
2009-11-14 Dan Williamsdnsmasq: VPN DNS fixes
2009-11-14 Dan Williamssystem-settings: fix crash when deleting auto wired...
2009-11-13 Gene Czarcinskiifcfg-rh: interpret DEFROUTE as never-default (rh ...
2009-11-13 Dan Williamsdoc: generate-setings-spec: don't need to init dbus...
2009-11-12 Dan Williamsdoc: add missing property type
2009-11-12 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: ignore .rpmnew files (rh #509621)
2009-11-12 Dan Williamswifi: don't fail first scan after supplicant interface...
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: update D-Bus API specification version and dates
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document wireless setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document wireless-security setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document wired setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document vpn setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document serial setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document pppoe setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document ppp setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document gsm setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document cdma setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document olpc-mesh setting properties
2009-11-11 Dan Williamsdoc: document bluetooth setting properties
2009-11-10 Dan Williamsdoc: align properties documentation cells to the top
2009-11-10 Dan Williamsdoc: update some setting properties descriptions
2009-11-10 Dan Williamsdoc: add settings properties documentation generator
2009-11-10 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add missing nm_setting_olpc_mesh_new()
2009-11-10 Dan Williamsolpc-mesh: fix device added signal usage