2011-09-13 Thomas Grafip6: fix leak in process_addr()
2011-09-13 Thomas Grafip6: fix leak in process_route()
2011-09-12 Jiří Klimeškeyfile: fix two bugs for updating/writting a keyfile
2011-09-09 Dan Williamstodo: Infiniband update
2011-09-07 Dan Williamstodo: update TODO for IP over Infiniband
2011-09-07 Dan Williamswimax: fix connect-during-scan after d4ff43bc1eaf0e0548...
2011-09-07 Dan Williamswimax: fix Active NSP notification issue
2011-09-07 Jiří Klimešcli: increase values indentation in multiline mode...
2011-09-07 Jiří Klimešcli: print some missing properties in settings
2011-09-06 Dan Williamssharing: fix handling of rule negation (debian #638995)
2011-09-06 Dan Williamsdocs: add Secret Agent API bits to HTML spec
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: print 'Permissions' property of NMSettingConnectio...
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: use libnm-util's constants for settings types
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: add missing GSM bands for GSM setting
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: remove useless static function prototypes
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: add 'nmcli con delete' command for removing config...
2011-09-06 Jiří Klimešcli: use nm_access_point_get_bssid() instead of nm_acce...
2011-09-01 Jiří Klimešifnet: add testcase for incorrect config
2011-08-31 Jiří Klimešifnet: fix tests
2011-08-31 Jiří Klimešifnet: fix GError handling in ifnet_update_connection_f...
2011-08-25 Michael Stapelbergdnsmasq: use '@interface' for link-local DNS servers...
2011-08-25 Dan Williamsrelease: update NEWS
2011-08-24 Dan Williamsrelease: update NEWS; forgot about the WiMAX support...
2011-08-24 Dan Williamstodo: add notes about pushing network selection to...
2011-08-24 Dan Williamstodo: add some notes about tablet/mobile optimizations...
2011-08-24 Dan Williamsrelease: update NEWS with 0.9 changes
2011-08-23 Dan WilliamsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/agent-secrets'
2011-08-23 Dan WilliamsMerge branch 'libnl3'
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsrelease: version bump after release
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsrelease: bump version to 0.9.0
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsdocs: update documentation for nm_utils_security_valid()
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsdocs: update NetworkManager.h code documentation
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsbuild: update gitignore
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsdocs: fix a wrong variable name in code documentation
2011-08-23 Dan Williamsdocs: fix a prototype causing doc generation warnings
2011-08-22 Dan Williamsdoc: fix a settings specification type
2011-08-22 Andika Triwidadapo: updated Indonesian translation (bgo #656514)
2011-08-22 Dan Williamsbuild: mention libiw (in addition to wireless-tools...
2011-08-22 Yuri Chornoivanpo: updated Ukranian translation (bgo #656921)
2011-08-19 Evan Brodersupplicant: incorporate subject_match and altsubject_ma...
2011-08-19 Evan Brodersupplicant: add new separator option to ADD_STRING_LIST...
2011-08-19 Evan Brodersettings: add 802.1X setting properties for subject...
2011-08-19 Dan Williamsdbus: ensure NM can talk to newly installed VPN plugins...
2011-08-16 Dan WilliamsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into agent...
2011-08-16 Dan WilliamsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into libnl3
2011-08-16 Tomeu Vizosolibnm-glib: allow to constuct NMObject with NULL bus
2011-08-16 Tomeu Vizosolibnm-glib: warn early if an object is tried to be...
2011-08-16 Daniel Drakelibnm-glib: allow NMRemoteSettings constructor with...
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl: Move to common route add function interface
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl: Create a common netlink route add function
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl: route delete can return ERANGE in libnl-1
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl: Use compat return for nl_route_add()
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl3: Fix ESRCH return types
2011-08-16 Alfredo Matoslibnl3: Add ESRCH to compat error translation
2011-08-16 Dan WilliamsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into libnl3
2011-08-16 Daniel Gnoutcheffmodem: fix race with nm_modem_set_mm_enabled
2011-08-16 Daniel Gnoutcheffpolicy: don't autoconnect disabled modems
2011-08-16 Dan Williamssettings: preserve agent secrets the right way
2011-08-16 Dan Williamssettings: preserve agent secrets over Update operation
2011-08-12 Dan Williamscli: remove unused libraries from the makefile
2011-08-12 Dan Williamsdocs: update VPN setting 'user-name' property documentation
2011-08-06 Dan Williamsapi: update version based on configure version
2011-08-06 Dan Williamsapi: fix up node names
2011-08-06 Dan Williamsexamples: fix up active connection example
2011-08-05 Dan Williamsexamples: make some examples executable
2011-08-05 Dan Williamsexamples: new example for printing active connection...
2011-08-04 Dan Williamsnm-tool: show WiMAX info when available
2011-08-02 Jiří Klimešman: updated man pages
2011-08-02 Jiří Klimešifcfg-rh: make NM_CONTROLLED changes function properly...
2011-08-02 Jiří Klimešifcfg-rh: emit "updated" signal when connection file...
2011-07-30 Dan Williamscore: don't warn if loopback address already exists
2011-07-30 Dan WilliamsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into libnl3
2011-07-30 Dan Williamscore: misc style fixes to libnl compat code
2011-07-30 Alfredo Matoscore: add libnl-3 API compatibility
2011-07-30 Alfredo Matoscore: add libnl-2 support with libnl-1 compatibility
2011-07-29 Daniel Gnoutcheffsupplicant: fix DBus signal signatures
2011-07-28 Seongho Chopo: updated Korean translation (bgo #655332)
2011-07-28 Krzesimir Nowakbuild: put test source code into AC_LANG_PROGRAM (bgo...
2011-07-28 Dan Williamswifi: handle a few more possible D-Bus activation errors
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: move route creation to nm-netlink-utils.c
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: remove dead libnl code
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: move route iteration to nm-netlink-utils.c
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: move route logging to nm-netlink-utils.c
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: move route deletion to nm-netlink-utils.c
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: move address checking functionality into separate...
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: finish conversion of nm-system functions to ifind...
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: more conversion to ifindex instead of iface
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: convert up/down check to netlink and use interfac...
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: use interface indexes more
2011-07-22 Dan Williamscore: remove unused includes
2011-07-21 Mathieu Trudel... libnm-util: default to allowing IPv6 connections to...
2011-07-20 Dan Williamskeyfile: fix integer list SSID parsing after 30c41a4b80...
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsdocs: another trivial doc fix
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsdocs: trivial doc fix
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsdocs: document the VPN setting
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsdocs: document PPP setting
2011-07-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add some missing GObject introspection...
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsdocs: document the PPPoE setting
2011-07-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: rename symbol to fix export check
2011-07-19 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: add testcase for PEAP anonymous identity...