2011-03-21 Dan Williamstrivial: fix format type of ip6 manager logging messages
2011-03-21 Dan Williamstrivial: fix format type of DHCP client logging messages
2011-03-21 Dan Williamslibnm-util: test symbol exports against .ver file
2011-03-21 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: test symbol exports against .ver file
2011-03-21 Dan Williamstools: add script to check library exports against...
2011-03-19 Dan Williamsrelease: bump version to 0.8.997 (0.9.0-beta3)
2011-03-19 Dan Williamsbuild: blow away all dbus-glib generated files during...
2011-03-19 Dan Williamslogging: fix format string/argument disagreement
2011-03-19 Dan Williamslogging: clean up logging macros and helper
2011-03-18 Dan Williamsbuild: enable WiMAX based on whether the SDK is present...
2011-03-18 Dan Williamsbuild: glib 2.22 is fine
2011-03-18 Dan Williamswimax: log a message when connecting to an NSP
2011-03-17 Dan Williamscore: add active connection state DEACTIVATING
2011-03-17 Dan Williamscore: handle new device states
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: handle new device states
2011-03-17 Dan Williamstrivial: fix comment
2011-03-17 Dan Williamsapi: document NM_DEVICE_STATE_FAILED
2011-03-17 Dan Williamscore: fix up active connection state for newer device...
2011-03-17 Dan Williamssupplicant: add 'authenticating' state
2011-03-17 Dan Williamsvpn: cancel the right secrets request
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: automatically cancel secrets requests if...
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: clarify usage of specific_object for activa...
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: clarify some documentation
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: more introspection annotation fixes
2011-03-17 Mu Qiaoifnet: fix tests and distcheck
2011-03-17 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: fix introspection annotation for nm_remote_...
2011-03-17 Dan Williamsagents: only commit connection changes if there were...
2011-03-17 Dan Williamsagents: don't complain when there aren't any system...
2011-03-16 Mu Qiaoifnet: plugin updates and shared connection support
2011-03-16 Richard Hugheslibnm-glib: allow calling nm_remote_connection_delete...
2011-03-16 Giovanni Campagnalibnm-glib: introspection annotation fixes (bgo #643011)
2011-03-16 Jiří Klimešcli: use setting accessor helpers
2011-03-16 Jiří Klimešlibnm-glib: bump soname due to recent ABI break
2011-03-16 Jiří Klimešlibnm-glib: update nm_client_activate_connection()...
2011-03-16 Jiří Klimešcli: update due to changes in libnm-glib's NMClient
2011-03-16 Jiří Klimešlibnm-glib: fix calling callback when activating connection
2011-03-16 Changwoo Ryupo: updated Korean translation (bgo #643398)
2011-03-16 Giovanni Campagnainclude: mark flags as such (bgo #643011)
2011-03-16 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: small activation callback rework
2011-03-15 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: move some code around
2011-03-15 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: allow NULL device for nm_client_activate_co...
2011-03-15 Dan Williamscore: allow NULL device path in ActivateConnection
2011-03-15 Dan Williamsdocs: add overview image of libnm-glib object relations...
2011-03-15 Dan Williamsapi: clarify function and usage of the Device.Udi property
2011-03-15 Dan Williamscore: remove some debug logging
2011-03-15 Dan Williamscore: specific object of "/" means NULL
2011-03-15 Dan Williamswimax: use setting accessor helpers
2011-03-15 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add setting accessor helpers (bgo #644746)
2011-03-15 Kjartan Maraastrivial: let g_free and g_strdup handle NULL (bgo ...
2011-03-15 Gabor Kelemenpo: updated Hungarian translation (bgo #644767)
2011-03-14 Javier Jardónbuild: use upstream gettext instead of glib one (bgo...
2011-03-14 Dan Williamsdocs: fix distcheck error building settings spec
2011-03-14 Javier Jardónbuild: update autotools configuration
2011-03-14 Kjartan Maraasbuild: fix return types (bgo #644665)
2011-03-14 Kjartan Maraasbuild: do the right thing with config.h (bgo #644664)
2011-03-14 Jorge Gonzálezpo: updated Spanish translation (bgo #644638)
2011-03-14 Piotr Drągpo: updated Polish translation (bgo #644408)
2011-03-14 Michael Biebldocs: fix link to API doc on the website
2011-03-14 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: fix reading and writing of Dynamic WEP with...
2011-03-14 Dan Williamskeyfile: ignore temp files ending with ~
2011-03-14 Dan Williamstodo: add some notes about WPS
2011-03-13 Dan Williamswifi: fix scanned signal strength calculation for WEXT...
2011-03-12 Dan Williamswimax: fix dbus-glib assert when wimax strength overflows
2011-03-11 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: add nm_wimax_nsp_filter_connections()
2011-03-11 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: add nm_access_point_filter_connections()
2011-03-11 Dan Williamslibnm-util: use WiFi enums more consistently
2011-03-11 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: add nm_device_filter_connections()
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: documentation update for nm_remote_settings...
2011-03-10 Dan Williamsdocs: more libnm-glib docs fixes
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: documentation fixes
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-util: fix some documentation issues
2011-03-10 Dan Williamsdocs: make sure libnm-glib docs know about introspection
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: update some documentation
2011-03-10 Dan Williamsdocs: update some version strings
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: remove deprecated nm_ip4_config_get_hostnam...
2011-03-10 Dan Williamsapi: fix mistakenly absent Dhcp6Config device property
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: make sure nm_device_get_dhcp6_config()...
2011-03-10 Michael Bieblcore: depend on stable gudev API
2011-03-10 Dan Williamsrelease: bump version to 0.8.996 (0.9-beta2)
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: fix reply processing of AddConnection calls
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: bump required NM version in pkgconfig file
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: fix bogus free
2011-03-10 Dan Williamslibnm-glib-vpn: minor soname bump for new nm-vpn-plugin...
2011-03-09 Dan Williamslibnm-util: allow setting-only hashes with nm_connectio...
2011-03-08 Dan Williamstodo: update with some stuff people could work on
2011-03-08 Dan Williamscore: bring the state() D-Bus method back
2011-03-08 Dan Williamskeyfile: trivial whitespace fixes
2011-03-08 Dan Williamssettings: fix some code that required glib 2.26
2011-03-08 Ionut Biruarch: create /var/run/NetworkManager if doesn't exist...
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimešpo: remove useless ' ' for French translation...
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimeštrivial: fix description of nm_connection_get_id()
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimešcore: use nm_connection_get_id() and nm_connection_get_...
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimešifcfg-rh: fix testcases now that timestamps are no...
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimešifcfg-rh: get rid of LAST_CONNECT
2011-03-08 Jiří Klimešcore: timestamp handling - don't touch /etc when updati...
2011-03-07 Dan Williamsbuild: relax glib version requirement to 2.24
2011-03-07 Dan Williamslibnm-util: conditionalize code that requires glib...
2011-03-07 Michael Bieblbuild: fix unresolved symbols when building gtk-doc...
2011-03-07 Michael Bieblifupdown: normalize keys using - or _ (debian #609831)
2011-03-05 Daniel Trebbienifupdown: use new logging API