2009-10-20 Dan Williamsipv6: fix incorrect address config signal emission
2009-10-19 Dan Williamsip6: save the accept_ra value and re-set it when the...
2009-10-19 Dan Williamsip6: use device's IP interface, not its physical interface
2009-10-19 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: fix writing LEAP connections
2009-10-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: fix checking for TLS and TTLS phase2 secrets
2009-10-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: ensure GSM setting default values
2009-10-16 Dan Williamsmanager: automatically pick a base connection for VPNs
2009-10-16 Dan Williamssystem-settings: fix writing connections when an earlie...
2009-10-13 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: add testcase for (rh #528068)
2009-10-09 Dan Williamsvpn: clear secrets when the connection fails
2009-10-08 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: recognize 'static' BOOTPROTO (rh #528068)
2009-10-07 Adam Langleydoc: update code style docs
2009-10-07 Dan Williamsgsm: correct GSM band implementation and settings
2009-10-06 Noel J. Bergmansharing: fix sharing after 715ddd2045cf786e6c80e6d3d861...
2009-10-06 Dan Williamssystem-settings: fix crash saving default wired connect...
2009-10-05 Dan Williamsintrospection: clarify wired device 'Speed' property...
2009-10-05 Dan Williamsppp: add minimal debugging output to the ppp plugin
2009-10-05 Alexander Sackifupdown: unmanage devices with "mapping" stanzas ...
2009-10-05 Frej Soyawired: fix build_supplicant_config for wired - bgo...
2009-10-05 Dan Williamsmanager: fix use-after-free crash for cdc-ether modems
2009-10-03 Dan Williamslibnm-util: fix distcheck after 7a8611e0ad2966c71fd402d...
2009-10-02 Dan Williamslibnm-util: fix NSS padding checking and add testcase
2009-10-02 Tambet IngoMerge branch 'iptables'
2009-10-01 Tambet Ingocore: Make iptables path configurable
2009-09-30 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: add class padding for future expansion
2009-09-30 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add class padding for future expansion
2009-09-30 Alexander Sacklibnm-util: fix build with gcc 4.4 - pass string format...
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsdoc: 802-1x doc fixes
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsdoc: rebuild sections file too
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsdoc: let gtk-doc rebuild libnm-util.types
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsdoc: regenerate docs when sources change
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsdoc: the sgml file is normally stored in RCS
2009-09-28 Dan Williamslibnm-util: doc fixes
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: really fix writing the WPA PSK and add testca...
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: treat BOOTPROTO=none as static IP
2009-09-28 Dan Williamswired: defer carrier-off events while connected by...
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: quote WPA passphrases when writing connections
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: handle BOOTPROTO errors better
2009-09-28 Dan Williamswired: link_timeout_id -> supplicant_timeout_id
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsethernet: make initial carrier check synchronous; requi...
2009-09-28 Dan Williamsnetlink: add blocking function to get carrier state
2009-09-28 Dan Williamscore: spacing fix
2009-09-26 Dan Williamslibnm-util: bump soname minor component (1.0.0 -> 1...
2009-09-26 Dan Williamspo: remove dead translatable
2009-09-25 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-25 Dan WilliamsRevert "libnm-util: bump soname for certificate changes"
2009-09-25 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add 0.7 cert/key functions back
2009-09-23 Witold Sowalibnm-glib: add 'connections-read' signal to settings...
2009-09-23 Witold Sowalibnm-glib: add service-running property to NMRemoteSet...
2009-09-21 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-21 Dan Williamslibnm-util: silence some of the GSM PUK warnings
2009-09-21 Dan Williamslibnm-util: bump soname for certificate changes
2009-09-19 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-19 Dan Williamslibnm-util: deprecate GSM PUK property
2009-09-18 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-18 Dan Williamscore: device disconnection cleanups
2009-09-18 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: make nm_device_disconnect() async
2009-09-18 Alexander Sacklibnm-glib: add nm_device_disconnect function to glib API
2009-09-18 Alexander Sackcore: implement manual disconnect feature
2009-09-17 Dan Williamsnm-tool: don't depend on private NM includes
2009-09-17 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-17 Dan Williamsvpn: fix crash caused by 8d205212dcf67fa0bf4e4730bf8353...
2009-09-17 Dan Williamssystem-settings: handle byte-array secrets too
2009-09-16 Dan Williamslibnm-glib: fix getting remote secrets
2009-09-16 Dan Williamslibnm-util: verify private keys with passwords; pkcs...
2009-09-16 Dan Williamslibnm-util: clarify certificate/key path argument usage
2009-09-15 Dan Williamslibnm-util: add nm_utils_rsa_key_encrypt() and fix...
2009-09-15 Dan Williamsifcfg-rh: clarify comment
2009-09-15 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-14 Philip Withnallpo: update British English (en_GB) translation (bgo...
2009-09-14 Dan WilliamsMerge commit 'origin/master' into cert-paths
2009-09-14 Dan Williamscore: rename nm_device_can_activate -> nm_device_is_ava...
2009-09-14 Dan Williamscore: generalize unavailable -> disconnected delayed...
2009-09-14 Dan Williamsbuild: remove nm-gsm-device.c
2009-09-14 Dan Williamswired: get rid of nm_device_ethernet_get_carrier
2009-09-14 Dan Williamsethernet: clean up netlink monitoring code
2009-09-14 Dan Williamslibnm-glib-vpn: bump soname to match soname bump for...
2009-09-14 Dan Williamscore: always tear down devices when their hardware...
2009-09-14 Dan Williamsvpn: don't reset VPN gateway route when parent device...
2009-09-11 Dan Williamspo: rename sr@Latn -> sr@latin (bgo #555863)
2009-09-11 Shankar Prasadpo: add Kannada (kn) translation (bgo #585826)
2009-09-11 Krishna Babu Kpo: add Telugu (te) translation (bgo #585553)
2009-09-11 Amitakhya Phukanpo: update Assamese (as) translation (bgo #585537)
2009-09-11 Sweta Kotharipo: updated Gujarati (gu) translation (bgo #585111)
2009-09-11 Runa Bhattacharjeepo: add Bengali (bn_IN) translation (bgo #585067)
2009-09-11 Francesco Marlettapo: update Italian translation (bgo #575041)
2009-09-11 Sandeep Shedmakepo: update Marathi translations (bgo #573729)
2009-09-11 Dan Williamspo: add missing translatable
2009-09-11 Piotr Drągpo: updated Polish translation (bgo #594577)
2009-09-11 Daniel Nylanderpo: updated Swedish translation (bgo #594203)
2009-09-11 Aron Xupo: Updated Simplified Chinese translation (bgo #594310)
2009-09-11 Aron Xupo: update Simplified Chinese translation (bgo #593774)
2009-09-11 Dan Williamsdoc: fix FSF address (bgo #575625)
2009-09-10 Dan Williamsvpn: fix crash when canceling VPN connection secrets...
2009-09-10 Noel J. Bergmanpolicy: reschedule failed devices for activation after...
2009-09-09 Dan Williamsdevice: only invalidate connections if they failed...
2009-09-09 Dan Williamsppp: ignore certain pppd status changes
2009-09-09 Dan Williamsinclude: number device activation stages in NetworkMana...
2009-09-04 Dan Williamsmodem: disable modem instead of just disconnecting
2009-09-04 Alexander Sackifupdown: do not export any connection in managed=false...